As the automotive industry continues to develop the next generation of vehicles, there are many concerns about the safety of these vehicles and the hazards they potentially create.

From a materials and product testing perspective, these vehicles will still have to go through very similar testing programmes as the cars of today do. These will typically involve all parts of the automotive including Engines, Fuel systems, Automotive glass, Batteries, Running Boards, Hoses and After-market components.

However, where autonomous vehicles differ significantly is in the embedded control systems and how they interact with all the relevant internal components in the vehicle, and everything in the external environment such as traffic control systems, other vehicles, and pedestrians. It is this that will become the critical part of the testing, inspection and certification process and will ultimately determine the vehicles acceptance by consumers and therefore the critical success factor of the vehicle itself.

Elements vast experience in both automotive testing, together with our extensive wired and wireless technologies knowledge, make us the ideal partner to support all Automotive OEM’s as they continue to enhance their existing platforms with ever-increasing levels of functionality, to help them to successfully bring their next generation of autonomous, self-drive vehicles to market.